Section one of the play too much punch for judy essay

Then the other way I used my voice was when Sarah asked us what we were talking about, and we both used a high pitch, loud and hesitant voice. Judy obviously felt no remorse and for this I feel nothing but pity for such an uncaring and evil person.

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Judy is left hysterically crying on the floor she freezes-the lights go off. I think that this line was really effective and will stay in the audience minds. In one lesson we used frozen images to show how attitudes towards alcohol progress. In this they are using chairs as car seats. No one knew what happened in the court, so we could make it up.

In the next still image after the death of Jo, we used thought tracking to try and demonstrate what all the characters are thinking. In for the kill and grab it.

The Warriner School is co-educational secondary which caters for more than 1, pupils aged 11 to Billy holding up his hand signalled to the audience the change in the time period. Judy is sitting on the floor with her legs crunched up so she looks really small. We tried to mark the moment when the scene changes from a long and humorous duologue from Bob and Nob, to a less stylised meeting of Jo, Judy, Bob and Nob.

Bradley took on the role of Bob who is about 18 and he has no responsibilities. What dissertation help nursing kind of …. How to cite this page Choose cite format: PC Abraham I had to change by body language, and walk slowly with my hands behind my back, and speak a bit slower.

This w3as to give the audience the impact of it being serious, Most of my lines were spoken to the audience, as a whole, I had to show as my character that I understand what was going on, and to tell the audience sort of in bullet points what happened, and Why you should drink and drive. O ver the weekend, Yale too essay for judy punch much University announced that a residential college would no longer be named after John C.

We used split scenes to demonstrate the two sides of Jo: Judy showed that they were having a laugh and are relaxed by smiling and raising her eyebrows, this made it really clearly.

In hours 5 and 6 we were told we had to device a piece of drama about minutes long, using some of the themes and topics raised in the book, Too Much Punch for Judy. Bradley rook on this role really well, because he is good at speaking to people and in the play has got to chat some one up.

In the box below I have drawn the set that I would have designed if I had the facilities and the money: In this scene we cover a lot of the space because of all the congestion.

I struggle to see what is funny… Judy: This exercise helped me understand the play more, as it showed what can happen from a tiny misjudgement. Space We used most of the space that was provided, but the whole point of the play was to be simple but effective, we used a lot of the space in the crash scene, this is because of different characters walking off, each side and walking from side to side.

They still use the chairs as car seats, but now only Danielle is in the car and she is drooped over the seat dead. It seemed to be real, and she took on the role of the mother who was caring and strong, but still needed help and wanted this accidence to put her and her daughter Judy closer together.

In this I used two main facial expressions, and a happy laughing one when before we see Sarah and I tell Holly the secret, then again after we tease her.

Also most of there lines were spoken to the audience, and she was telling it like she was there, and not telling it like she was telling how it was. Jack then read our first piece of dialogue.

In this me and Rosalia acted drunk and tipsy.

Resonse to Too Much Punch for Judy Essay Sample

It was was inspired by the tragic events of May 20,in which year-old Joanna Poulton from Shelley, in Essex, died from head injuries in a car crash. This was to represent how so many people would have wanted to ask Judy the same question, why? We wanted to make sure the audience knew who the characters were in our piece, so at the beginning we used a section of dialogue that we devised, to show that Billy was the person driving the car and he was responsible for the death of Nick.

It is used to get deeper into a character. The next explorative strategy set a while after both accidents, was Hotseating, this is when you ask the chosen character questions about the relative issue.

Too essay for judy punch much

In this section Judy finds out that she killed Joanna and her mother has to find a way to tell Judy and comfort her as best she can. So they get in the car, and suddenly Judy loses control and they rash. Judy looks away as if she is about to cry, but Jo carries on louder now.Get Full Essay.

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Resonse to Too Much Punch for Judy Essay Sample. role play, thought tracking and cross cutting. I think we responded to this task well, because we could improvise in a sense.

No one knew what happened in the court, so. Angry parents have hit out at the fact pupils at The Warriner School, in Bloxham, Oxfordshire, were given the play Too Much Punch for Judy.

Too Much Punch for Judy by Mark Wheeller Essay - Theatre Company came to our school to perform their production of Too Much Punch for Judy by Mark Wheeller to all of year Evaluative Phase 'Too Much Punch for Judy' On 20th September'Ape Theatre Company' came to our school to perform their production of 'Too Much Punch.

Section one of the play “Too much Punch for Judy” Essay Sample Also it is based on the night of the car crash that Jo and Judy have. The. The play ‘Too much punch for Judy’ involves two sisters, Jo and Judy also their mum-Vi and younger brother Johnnie.

Jo and Judy are very close but one night after they had both been drinking, they had a terrible accident in which Jo died, leaving Judy who was driving to pick up the pieces which [ ]. For this exam we have been given the text "Too Much Punch for Judy" a play in which two middle aged sisters chose to get into a car to drive when they are We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic specifically found out about the accident and the death of one of her daughters.

The section continues to tell us about her reaction.

Section one of the play too much punch for judy essay
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