Restructuring of indian education system

May we have the courage to proceed.

This will inturn boost up our future employee marketplace and will create a minimum uniqueness across the sector. These three elements without vision will find themselves being formulated in a social vacuum, divorced from social reality.

Restructuring the education system

The third method is an effort to step back take a good look at where society is headed vision statement and then look at the organization and ask, "What values does our behavior reflect? In order for a school to operate effectively in a rapidly changing society, it needs to Restructuring of indian education system Vision, Values and Mission Statements.

The latter must include the dimensions of relevance, and topicality of curriculum, with flexibility to change and modify on a frequent basis. This is the reason for a different set of operational values, which continually place before the school the question: One simply decides which one to implement, and goes with it.

The second method is slightly better but not by much. Michael Crichton, in Disclosure, brings out this possibility, when he suggests that, technological firms today are "selling" what both religion and revolution have promised but have not been able to deliver-freedom!

The system of awarding UGC grants to universities also requires a review. So the importance of teacher training and investment in the infrastructure same as that of syllabus and curriculum need urgent attention.

As noteworthy as the achievements of this venerable institution is the fact that it has sustained and, in fact, taken further its success over a period of ten decades, unlike some of our older and once-great universities. Technology will move education "from print to digital displays to virtual environments.

Coser tells us where the solution is be found. They are either or methods. Therefore to ensure the quality education atleast the medium of the education sector should change from the mother tongue to English.

Kuhn in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. But, is this the way for education to go into the 21st century? The opinions of the people differ widely and here is the some common accepted counsels. Even if we have a sound syllabus, curriculum and also the facilities, if the service delivery is meager the whole effort is of no use.

These enable the institutional independence and centralize the syllabus structure.

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What education needs is a restructuring according to the Principle of Inclusiveness-new wineskins to handle the new wine of diversity. India should come under the umbrella of common curriculum and subjects for the same class which is transparent to any group or division of the society like the children from the richest family and the children from the lower income group are opened to the same subjects, without any hindrance.

Thus, the need for a clear Mission Statement, based on a singular Vision and inclusive Values. A Vision Statement answers the "Where? It is the old problem of new wine and old wineskins that Jesus spoke about in Luke 5: Hence the central and state government should acts like one and enrolls the education system under a common umbrella.

This is also indented to eliminate the capacity shortage in the education sector in its supply side, which still focuses on the conventional practice. Here is the need of a new National Education Policy NEPthat promote the idea of designing the curriculum from nursery to class 8th in a free-fall model and giving the power to the school examination board to design the syllabus to examine the skills of student in the areas like research, analysis, comprehension, expression and memory, rather than mere testing of memory and base learning.

But we have an advantage that many private investors are there to capitalize in the sector like Azim Premji Foundation and Wipro put about Rs.democratic republic not a pure democracy so the restructuring of our indian education system to modify our education system according to the world trend technology and to carry out our country deregulation based electricity restructuring in india how distribution system are enforced to serve.

Technology will move education "from print to digital displays to virtual environments." Thus, computer technology may very well be the means by which to bring about a restructuring of society, with a level playing field for all. The inequality line in the Indian education system is clear in the schooling practices of the poor children and those of middle class and upper class together.

The children belonging to the higher income group enjoys the well standardized syllabus under the Central Government named CISCE and CBSE, generally termed as the high-end English Medium schools.

These factors, along with the traditional desire for education, have led to vastly increased demand for higher education.

Essential restructuring in Indian education System

Despite big increases in the education budget (the Eleventh Five-Year Plan has been called an Education Plan), government just does not have resources to fund expansion of the system rapidly enough to meet the growing demand, given other competing resource requirements.

Restructuring of our INDIAN Education System To modify our education system according to the world trend, technology and to carry out our country needs. In our education system we are following old British model and this is a wrong method of education and still we have not changed that and we are only improvising that system.

The Bureau of Indian Education announced today the release of the BIE Strategic Direction for The Direction is designed to improve the ability of the BIE to increase its services to Native students by organizing management activities, setting priorities, and ensuring efficient and effective utilization of staff and resources.

Restructuring of indian education system
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