Research papers on electromagnets

First, draw a line straight down the iron core with a permanent marker. If the electromagnet still does not work, then the battery may be dead. But because a neatly wrapped coil is important to the quality of your experiment, it is worth taking the time to wrap your coils well.

It is useful to have a helper track how many turns you have made. One end of each clip lead should be connected to one of the terminals of the battery one lead to each terminaland the other end of each lead should be clipped to the stripped part of the magnet wire one lead to each end Research papers on electromagnets the wire.

The alligator clips will hold this thicker section of wire more easily. Please note that you will need a free Ask an Expert account in order to post questions. Finally, work slowly for best results. The threads on the iron bolts make it hard to keep the turns lined up.

This will make it more difficult to keep the turns tightly packed against each other, as they will tend to fall into the threads of the bolt.

However, this is unlikely unless you accidentally left one of your electromagnets connected for a very long time and completely drained the battery, which would take hours.

As you use the electromagnet, the heat that builds up in the magnet can make the tape brittle, so it is a good idea to apply new tape instead of reusing old tape. You do not need to squeeze the sandpaper sandwich very tightly in order to remove the enamel insulation that coats the magnet wire.

How can I stop this? Note that this method does not work if your coil has more than one layer of wire or if there are spaces between turns. If you get distracted, you can unwind to the nearest multiple of ten, instead of unwinding all the way back to the beginning. Whenever you detect a smell, or can feel the electromagnet getting hot, disconnect the electromagnet from the battery.

You can strip the insulation off the remaining part of the wire tail. The and turn coils should fit completely on the non-threaded section of the bolt. Please describe how you need help as thoroughly as possible: Replacement batteries can be ordered from Jameco Electronics.

The wire is stripped when the reddish color of the enamel insulation is gone, revealing bright, shiny, golden-colored copper. A little patience goes a long way in getting a nice coil. See Figure 4 in the Procedure. First, it is important to have the starting point of your coil taped firmly in place to the iron core.

If you do this after each turn, your wire turns should line up nicely. How do I know when the wire is stripped? If you have enough stripped wire, you can also wrap the wire around the tips of the alligator clips. The current running through the circuit will heat up the wire.

It is completely normal to see a few small sparks as you connect the alligator clips and complete the circuit. Good Question I am purchasing my materials. For example, the wire in the Science Buddies kit is 30 gauge wire and has a 0. I am having trouble keeping track of how many turns are in my coil.

Try practicing on a separate piece of wire to get a feel for how much pressure to apply with the sandpaper. You can also try stripping the insulation off a longer section of the magnet wire tail and folding over the end of the tail to make it thicker. The magnet wire breaks when I try stripping it with sandpaper.

The wire will also look a little bit thinner. Try using less pressure.

Research papers on electromagnets

Make sure the alligator clips are connected to both the battery and the wire. Can I substitute a 1N34 diode for the 1N25 diode called for in the material list? In your email, please follow these instructions:Try comparing the number of paper clips that electromagnets with different core materials can lift.


What happens when you change the distance between the coil of wire and a metal core material? For example, increase the diameter of your core forms (described in Variation 1) by 2, 5, 10, and 20 mm. Electromagnets are Research paper on vista found in motors, tape decks, hard drives, VCRs and tons of other devices.

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The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet - The Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet Planning What I am trying to find out. The amount that I am intending to examine in my experiment is the strength of the electromagnet The factors that affect the force of an electromagnet are.

"Electromagnet Experiment" Essays and Research Papers Electromagnet Experiment Investigating Electromagnets Aim: The aim of the experiment is to investigate what affects the strength of an electromagnet.

Electromagnets: The basic idea behind an electromagnet is extremely simple: By running electric current through a wire, you can create a magnetic field. By using this simple principle, you can create all sorts of things, including motors, solenoids, read/write heads for hard disks and tape drives, speakers, and so on.

Research papers on electromagnets
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