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At times, he would even show his disdain for it by commenting on his feelings for his study. Since Spurgeon possessed a well-trained memory as well as a wide range of study, he never wrote his sermons down beforehand. Since Spurgeon believed that he could not draw men to the cross and that only the Holy Spirit could, he scarcely relied on the notes that he wrote down for his sermon.

The preacher must understand that his words and ideas are not nearly as important as the message from God, and therefore must take a back seat to the Scripture.

Spurgeon was not a book-by-book or verse-by-verse style of preacher. Spurgeon distinctly believed that the proclamation of the Word of God was the first priority in the service and that the only way for the sermon to be better would be to add more Scripture.

The Early Years, London,: Whether Spurgeon was preaching against the sins of the day or his theological critics he understood the Scripture to be the pillar of his sermons. It is far too common for a pastor to get comfortable in his pastorate and become lethargic in his study to the point that his illustrations are used so frequently that his congregation knows which one he will use before he uses them.

You rob of their brightness, and their urgent importance, the truths which concern salvation from the wrath to come. Whether a preacher works from his manuscript notes, an outline or by memory while preaching, it is imperative for him to rely fully on the Holy Spirit to both lead in the message and in the calling of souls.

Although Spurgeon lived in a different time period with different cultural problems than are faced today, there is no dispute that there was something very special about the ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

His position avoids the conflict and gets down to what theology should be about, glorifying God. Spurgeon had other theological reasons for this as well. This paper will seek to examine the ministry of C. Banner of Truth Trust, As a result of his wide range of study and constant consumption of information, Spurgeon was able to keep his illustrations and applications fresh throughout the tenure of his preaching career.

When I cease to preach salvation by faith in Jesus, put me into a lunatic asylum, for you may be sure that my mind is gone. The Early Years, Even though constant study was hard for Spurgeon, as it is for most, Spurgeon understood and saw the value of his study.

Spurgeon said this in regard to preaching the full counsel of God.

His commitment is clearly seen in his dedicated life and study methods, his preparation and preaching methods, as well as his theological beliefs. In most cases, Spurgeon did not settle on a sermon text until the Saturday before a Sunday service or in the afternoon just prior to an evening service.

It must never be with him an easy thing to deliver a sermon. Study for the pulpit is to me the most irksome work in the world. Spurgeon and Tom Carter, 2, Quotations: Above all, he must put heart work into his preaching.

He must feel as if he could preach his very life away before the sermon is done. If, sometime after, he has no faith in Christ, that faith which he claimed to have is proved to be good for nothing.

Spurgeon explains his thoughts on this while describing the rejection of the Gospel by depraved man. When Spurgeon would preach, he would recite the Scripture, explain the Scripture and apply the Scripture with his own thoughts and illustrations in a clear way that all could understand.

Because this is not the case, a pastor must keep his study fresh in order to remain applicable to his audience and keep them captivated with new understanding and material. Spurgeon had a very strong conviction for the Holy Spirit to lead his message from the start.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

He must feel what he preaches. He is an instrument of Satan in damning the souls of men. Mount Zion ; NetLibrary. Through this, Spurgeon was rejecting the idea that man was a fallen creature that could do no good, as total depravity would declare. I hope that this paper can be educational for you personal study and inspiring for you ministry.View Charles Haddon Spurgeon Research Papers on for free.

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Only at". Charles H. Spurgeon Write the Research Paper using the topic and proposal you submitted in Module/Week 3.

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Charles Spurgeon Research Paper. A close evaluation of Charles Spurgeon's biblical preaching reveals a model for pastors to emulate in a post-modern context in the local church.

Spurgeon was a master communicator and a survey of his mid to late 's preaching reveals those areas of his ministry that are still useful in the New Millennium. Below is a research paper I did recently on the Life & Ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Out of all the time I have spent at seminary, I think this has been my favorite research paper to write.

Research paper charles spurgeon
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