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The stalls were attractively decorated. Bhattacharjee took up the matter with the Defence Ministryas the Indian Army is the custodian of the Maidan and the holding of any event there requires a no objection certificate from it.

In the late 19th century, the concept of annual industry-wide trade shows gained traction, spreading from European manufacturing centers to North America. French writer and critic Daniel Pennac inaugurated the event.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya remarked, "Some people are against the Book Fair in the name of environment. Kolkata Book Fair was of special significance as it was technically updated and remodeled to keep pace with international standards.

This was the first time that the Little Magazine Publishers in Little Magazine enclave had been given space at a prime position in the fairground free of cost.

Fair is organized on the occasion of religious festival, cultural programme, and sporting event or to mark any ceremony. They do not draw people as some exhibitions on household articles, dress materials, electrical and electronic gadgets do.

The Kolkata Book Fair was the only fair granted special permission in It was Report writing on kolkata book fair held at the Park Street end of the Maidan, due to a better road and rail network, having moved there from the other end of Maidan in Thousands of students visit the fair every year.

It is a sad state of affairs. It had also directed that prior permission of the military authorities, which own the ground, was necessary before the State Government granted permission for any usage of the ground by any organisation.

The book fair is an appetizer for further reading. Ananda publishers Kolkata Book Fair [ edit ] The United States was elected as the focal theme country for the Book Fair and was given a pavilion to showcase its books and publishers. We were stunned to watch this event. By the 20th century, specialized companies came into existence simply to manage the trade-show industry, and permanent trade show grounds or convention centers were established as venues that featured a rotating calendar of trade shows.

The biggest world book fair is organized by Germany called the Frankfurt world book fair. Now-a-days, its circumference has extended to the arena of science, technology, leather, garments and industry, etc.

However, many Kolkatans feel that the fair will lose its ambience if it is held indoors or away from the Maidan, which is a vast stretch of green in the heart of the city. There will also be some shared meals with keynote speakers, and social events in the evenings. There was a huge crowd of people.

In Novemberthe state had assured the court all fairs would be shifted from the Maidan and a permanent complex would come up on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. It is a truth that reading the biographies of great men and women is a great inspiration to youngsters.

In Romania participated for the first time. In another bookstall there were engineering and medical books and books on many technical subjects like computer science, electronics etc. The focal theme this year was Italy. There were attractive hoardings everywhere.

A book fair is always an attraction for book lovers across the globe. Great writers are invited for the book fair and they are asked to read from their books.

Apart from the various large and small National and International Book Publishers, the other attractions of the Fair were an IT pavilion, a Little Magazine pavilion, some stalls of local Handicrafts and Arts and also an open area for the Foodies paved with a number of stalls of different delicious food items.

The various stalls enable one to find books on different subjects easily. There could have been utter chaos or security problems owing to the action of the Book Fair authorities.

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Another first was the solar lighting on the fairground. Concessions are given to children.Get the details on what these assignments entail and how to write a great book report. Book reports are popular assignments in school.

Get the details on what these assignments entail and how to write a great book report. It can be helpful to use strong quotes from the book to enhance your writing.

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But the book fair at Kolkata still stands out to be the most popular and has opened up new horizons and dimensions. West Bengal is considered to be the seat of wisdom and culture; and the.

Kolkata Book Fair

A VISIT TO KOLKATA BOOK FAIR Kolkata Book Fair, a winter fair in Kolkata, is organised by the government of West Bengal and by a guild of publishers and was held in Milan Mela Prangon at the heart of Kolkata. International Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata. 63K likes. International Kolkata Book Fair is the largest Book Fair in the world, organised by Publishers &.

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Brief Essay on Book Fair

Fair has attracted people for years. Its appeal is eternal. Fair is organized on the occasion of religious festival, cultural programme, and sporting event or to mark any ceremony.

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Report writing on kolkata book fair
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