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Following the defeat of an unsuccessful foray by Consul General James R.

Colonial Nigeria

First colonial claims[ edit ] Lagos Colony[ edit ] Flag of the Lagos Colony — As part of an anti-slavery campaign and a pretext for making inroads into Lagos, Britain bombarded Lagos in Novemberousted the pro-slavery Oba Kosoko and established a treaty with the newly installed Oba Akintoyewho was more amenable.

Most of the fighting was done by Hausa soldiers, recruited to fight against other groups. The council was headed by a Governor. British expansion accelerated in the last decades of the nineteenth century. His objective was to conquer the entire region and to obtain recognition of the British protectorate by its indigenous rulers, especially the Fulani emirs of the Sokoto Caliphate.

Under Lugard from —, the Protectorate consolidated political control over the area through military conquest and initiated the use of British currency in substitute for barter. Accordingly, as the volume of trade increased, merchants requested that the British Government appoint a consul to cover the region.

Vice consuls were assigned to ports that already had concluded treaties of cooperation with the Foreign Office. We also understand that the said National African Company limited have full power to mine, farm, and build in any portion of our territory.

Some of the treaties contained prohibitions on diplomacy conducted without British permission, or other promises to abide by British rule. The Anglicans and other religious groups had a conscious "native church" policy to develop indigenous ecclesiastical institutions to become independent of Europeans.

It led Africans to be converted in to Christians by the Portuguese and the Europeans. The British High Commissioners could depose emirs and other officials if necessary.

Egerton also supervised improvements to the Lagos harbour and extension of the local telegraph network. The CMS initially promoted Africans to responsible positions in the mission field; for instance, they appointed Samuel Ajayi Crowther as the first Anglican bishop of the Niger. Crowther, a liberated Yoruba slave, had been educated in Sierra Leone and in Britain, where he was ordained before returning to his homeland with the first group of CMS missionaries.

It soon gained a virtual monopoly over trade along the River [4] The company interfered in the territory along the Niger and the Benue, sometimes becoming embroiled in serious conflicts when its British-led native constabulary intercepted slave raids or attempted to protect trade routes.

Deadly battles broke out sporadically through Britain withdrew from the slave trade when it was the major transporter of slaves to the Americas. All these things which I have said the Fulani by conquest took the right to do now pass to the British.

The Delta streams were called "oil rivers". A "house" included the extended family of the trader, including retainers and slaves.

Pre Colonial Africa Essay

Lugard, I should be quite prepared to omit that provision provided that the period of publication of the draft prior to enactment is extended from one month to two.

On 9 MayLugard submitted a formal proposal to the Colonial Office in which Northern and Southern provinces would have separate administrations, under the control of a "strongly authoritarian" Governor-General.

Other Protestant denominations from Britain, Canada and the United States also opened missions and, in the s, Roman Catholic religious orders established missions.

The slave trade was Pre colonial nigeria essays in the period —, with an average of 76, people taken from Africa each year between and Adam Smith wrote in that the African societies were better established and more populous than those of the Americas, thus creating a more formidable barrier to European expansion.

As missionaries who were in search of raw materials flooded in Africa, they introduced new cultures that were not known before in Africa.

There were many trading activities during the pre-colonial Africa had its own merits for example, trade growth had a link with the subsistence economy. Consequently, inJohn Beecroft was accredited as consul for the bights of Benin and Biafra, a jurisdiction stretching from Dahomey to Cameroon.

These areas attracted missionaries from Britain and Portugal who came with the western products. Despite conquering villages by burning houses and crops, continual political control over the Igbo remained elusive.

Combining the three jurisdictions would reduce administrative expenses and facilitate deployment of resources and money between the areas. A third of the people associated with an riverine expedition died. The economy suffered from the decline in the slave trade, although considerable smuggling of slaves to the Americas continued for years afterwards.

The appointment of Joseph Chamberlain as colonial secretary in especially marked a shift towards new territorial ambitions of the British Empire. The French had abolished slavery following the French Revolution, although it briefly re-established it in its Caribbean colonies under Napoleon.

Harding commented in The staff of this office came primarily from the British upper middle class—i. Trade led to the economic development as it created ready market for these products.

They in turn have by defeat lost their rule which has come into the hands of the British. Local leaders, cognizant of the situation in the West Indies, India and elsewhere, recognised the risks of British expansion.

The Emirs and chiefs who are appointed will rule over the people as of old time and take such taxes as are approved by the High Commissioner, but they will obey the laws of the Governor and will act in accordance with the advice of the Resident.

From —, predominantly British slave traders purchased 1,—2, slaves each year in Lagos alone.PRE-COLONIAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IN SOUTHERN NIGERIA. Introduction Before the advent of colonialism, the entity today called Nigeria was inhibited by diverse groups who lived in an independent, well organized and coordinated manner/5(1).

Things Fall Apart: An Analysis of Pre and Post-Colonial Igbo Society Lame Maatla Kenalemang The setting of the novel is in the outskirts of Nigeria in a small colonial writers usually try to reassign new ethnic and cultural meanings to the groups of.

Pre Colonial Africa.

Pre Colonial Africa: Introduction. Pre-colonial trade was an economic activity that was taking place before colonialist and missionaries settled in Africa before - Pre Colonial Africa introduction. Before there were a lot of trade of trade activities such as selling of ivory, grains and internal slavery.

Pre-Colonial Nigeria and the European’s Fallacy Abayomi-Alli Mayowa1 Abstract In other to achieve colonialism and political subjugation by the Europeans in Nigeria, the British lead government represented mainly by trade companies set pre-colonial political systems of the kingdoms and states of Nigeria.

The focus would. Missionaries in Pre-Colonial and Early Colonial Nigeria In any study of colonial Nigeria, the groundwork accomplished by the missionaries in pre-colonial days must be a. Colonial Nigeria was the area of West Africa that later evolved into modern-day Nigeria, during the time of British rule in the 19th and 20th centuries.

British influence in the region began with the prohibition of slave trade to British subjects in

Pre colonial nigeria essays
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