My passion is writing art

People who object nudity in arts also argue that nude monuments incite sexual activities so it should be avoided. There is no room for moral passion in the dramas and movies that are broadcasted on television. Given the right environment, with absolutely no distractions, I am confident I could complete this first draft in a week.

They add glamour which appeals both women and men and enhances their desire of looking beautiful and ideal. In brief, rather being a source of promoting arts, television is a money making business by entertaining people. It gives color and life to many pictures around you. When I expressed myself on a canvas, I was in a dream world, a place which is full of flowers and animals which usually appears in animations.

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My outline my passion is writing art been on paper for almost eight years yet I only began putting words on paper May 2nd and was a little over half way through my first draft including a first edit as of August 1st.

Nevertheless, wherever I was, I had passion to express my thoughts. There are pencil sketches, oil paintings, glass paintings, fabric paintings and the list just goes on. For example, Sir Seed Named khan undoubtedly wrote great but he has no entertainment in his writings and had clear intentions of betterment of their fellow-men.

There were many other revolutionary writers who wrote to bring change but the time they lacked entertainment, they became preacher.

Beautiful pictures with little colors or from a single color could be drawn and bring life to pictures that seem lifeless. Seed Named khan was not an artist; rather e was purely a great preacher and there is difference between pure art and preaching.

I am extremely driven, focused and organized, however, there are still only so many hours in a day and days in a week! Artist who sacks moral passion and works for the sake of entertaining his viewers become Joker and an artist who simply tries to enforce a moral becomes drudger.

They were busy painting their canvas. I love painting and it gives me so much pleasure when I am with my paints and brushes.

Furthermore, any person who writes something cannot be thought an artist. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. However, sometimes, I looked around streets and tried to find a cozy place that I can be alone to think by myself.

In the desire of achieving applaud, when people started to represent their passion in pretentious way; they lost the morality which undoubtedly entertained others but exited the realm of art also when people tried to represent their moral passion excluding entertainment, their piece of work digressed from art.

They also allow the artist to show people outside of a historical context if he wishes to do so, put any kind of clothing on a person in a painting or a sculpture and one ties them down to a time when that kind of clothing was common or popular and apart from times when it was not.

The Passion of Art

We never get tired or bored while being in such kind of act. The Catholic Church also had nude pictures painted on its walls, thousands of people visit church but they never complaint about this.

Art; Moral passion

I believe that having passion to express oneself makes humans alive. It was an art studio with a few artists. The month of August has been a complete writing bust!!!

This post will be much longer that my normal daily inspirational quotes, so please bear with me as I expel a little bit about my recent challenges and distractions.

Short Paragraph on My Passion (375 Words)

On the other hand, if people share feelings with others, everybody will be sanguine like they had taken vitamins. Like an aurora borealis, which shows puzzled colors, I could also express my puzzled feelings with my passion. We all have an inner liking to certain kind of art or act, that really drives us crazy and we love doing it.

My passion is painting.Art imitating life imitating art. I've lost my passion:((mi-centre.comg) submitted 4 years ago by [deleted] Not my passion for writing. That is stronger than it has ever been. But that doesn't matter, because I have lost my passion.

Instead, I became a reliable and functional adult. I did this on purpose because I was needed to fill an. Before I started writing for this site I was only concerned with essay writing, but now that I've found my voice I'm more inspired than ever.

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This is why I love writing: 1. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Home | writing is my passion - Here is your paragraph on My Passion! We often hear the word Passion, but have never thought or tried to understand in depth about it.

We all have an inner liking to certain kind of art or act, that really drives us crazy and we love doing it. My Passion Essay Examples. 9 total results. My Passion to Be a Scientist and Efforts in Pursuing the Dream.

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My passion is writing art
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