How to write a good author biography of suzanne

I was seated on stage as guest of honour behind Buckminster Fuller when he spoke here to a packed house of Memories from the Home Front He has guest lectured in entrepreneurship at Princeton University since The book was commended for its vivid setting and sense of adventure, and four additional installments —07 in what became known as the Underland Chronicles soon followed.

For some types of books and authors, this is harder to do. The cringing, seat shifting, pen-tapping task gets them every time, and every single one of them groaned in unison.

If you write about the business world, put on your best suit. Take it seriously, get it right, and it will help you sell books. Whether my protags are feminine depends on defining nature from culture.

Get creative and show a little more of your personality in your extended bio.

Ultimate Guide: How To Write A Killer Author Bio

You can get a little more detailed in your medium-length bio. Use your writing flair to make the bio interesting.

This is the rest. A few trials proved my bio counterproductive. You can see the difference in the author Amanda Ripley. On the longer bios, I personally like to interject "Heather" a few more times rather than using the pronoun. My employer started training me to supervise the largest construction projects in the country; with little schooling, my employer led the local industry.

A few simple steps can get you to an effective bio that will not only impress interested readers and media, but also help sell your book.

Start with your greatest writing achievement. High Status And Short: When you have done what Lynn has done, you can just say it quickly and succinctly. By that time more than 30 million copies of the trilogy were in print in the United States alone, and e-book sales were particularly robust.

Detail is not character; motive creates character. Stay behind the leader. For book publications, list the title in italics and parenthesise the name of the publisher and the year of publication. Carson, who focuses only on the credentials and status signifiers that the reader would care about and understand, like his specialties and companies he works for.

She finishes with a list of links to interviews, podcasts and guest posts. Ben and Candy are the parents of three grown sons and reside in Baltimore County, Maryland. You will be exhausted.

It has been listed as one of the most influential books of the s. You just need to make sure the information you include is relevant and will be of genuine interest to them. Just like the bio itself, your photograph should match your brand. Not a half-dozen held my interest; one is delightful.

But there is a right way to do it.But a good author bio cuts right to the point by saying: this is a person who is important and I need to pay attention to them. How To Write Your Author Bio Writing about yourself is typically a task that most writers shy away from, but writing an effective author bio doesn’t have to be painful.

Mention any memberships you have in writing clubs, business groups, etc. Keep the writing tight. Don’t get wordy.

Display your best writing skills. Keep sentences short. Make sure every sentence really needs to be there. Hook, grab and hold. Make sure your bio includes something that is unique about you. Give the reader something to remember about you. Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children, and her Bengal cats.

Suzanne Wright - Interview (author of The Phoenix Pack series) 1 Apr 14, AM Just read Spiral of Need and it was so good!!!

10 Tips on How to Write an Author Bio

Are you going to write the story of /5(13K). Let the right personality shine through your #author bio, not just your credentials!

Click To Tweet. You can also use the author bio to guide the reader into understanding what the personality of the book will be like – which is particularly useful when the tone of the book.

Browse the Internet and look in the books on your bookshelves for ideas. Especially read the bios of authors who write in your genre. Bonus tip: Read your bio aloud when you finish writing it. You'll know immediately if something doesn't sound right.

Further bio-writing tips. Now that you know how to write a short, medium and extended bio, here are some hot tips to help you make them even better and manage their evolving nature.

Match the bio to the publication. Your author bio must match its accompanying publication. Think about the genre of your piece.

How to Write Your Author Bio (And Why It Matters)

If you've written a dark, gothic poem, don't copy and paste the bio you wrote for the short story .

How to write a good author biography of suzanne
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