History and development of computers essay

The Commodore was a cheap computer for the features it had and people all around the world bought it. The prices for all the computers today are really cheap and most of the people can afford it.

Byhe had a working model to demonstrate. One source stated it best concerning the volume of Internet computers by revealing, " It was one of the first personal computers that were useful to people and a new age of technology. The screen resolution went up to x and it had RAM of 64 Mb.

It contained three 8-bit registers and an 8-bit stack pointer. The average person could not have fathomed trying to operate and use these million dollar processors.

InIBM came out with the first hard disk drive.

The hard drive space also went up a lot to GB. Apple II was the beginning of the personal computers. The chip dealt with up to 1 Kb of program memory and up to 4 Kb of data memory. The built-in operations were supposed to include everything that a modern general - purpose computer would need, even the all important Conditional Control Transfer Capability that would allow commands to be executed in any order, not just the order in which they were programmed.

People have assumed that computers are a natural development in society and take them for granted. Computers have been through lot of changes throughout the past half-century.

By there were over 50, hosts. As they drove themselves to work, the traffic lights that so often hampered us are controlled by computers in an attempt to speed the journey.

The History And Development Of Computers

Accumulation of partial results, storage and automatic reentry of past results A memory functionand printing of the results. Just as people have learned to drive an automobile, it also takes skill and learning to utilize a computer. Binary denotes using only ones and zeros thus, lit lamps represented ones and unlit lamps represented zeros.

It had a Motorola processor with FPU. It contained electronic tubes, heavy gauge wiring, angle-iron, and knife switches just to name a few of the components. The PC industry became very popular when Windows 95 was releases because it was affordable and easy to use.

Most computers at this time were termed "mainframes" due to the fact that many computers were linked together to perform a given function. Many people say that the predecessor to the computer was the typewriter. Computers appear to us in so many ways that many times, we fail to see them as they actually are.

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As stated in the book The Dream Machine, the Von Neumann computer consisted of an input, memory, control, arithmetic unit and output as basic processes of a central processing unit. It was based on the MOS and it also had fast color graphics.

The origins and roots of computers started out as many other inventions and technologies have in the past. On August 24Microsoft came out with Windows The History And Development Of Computers Essays: OverThe History And Development Of Computers Essays, The History And Development Of Computers Term Papers, The History And Development Of Computers Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. The history of computers can be divided into generations, roughly defined by technological advances, which led to improvements in design, efficiency, and ease of use. First Generation Computers ()- As the Second World War was about to start, governments sought to develop computers to exploit their potential strategic.

The History of Computer Development Essay examples The UNIVAC was the first commercial computer created and sold to a client that is, the U.S. Census Bureau in Then came the second generation () of computer that was the Transistors. History of the Development of Computers Essay Words | 7 Pages.

DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS As we are stepping towards the era ofman have consistently been innovative and creative in developing and improving technology for various sectors to make the world a better place for us to live in.

The History of Computers Essay - The History of Computers Computers have been around for quite some time and were developed over many years with contributions from philosophers, inventors, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, technicians, visionaries, and.

The history of computers is short but very complicated. Computers have been through lot of changes throughout the past half-century. They also affect our society in many different ways today.

The following paper describes how .

History and development of computers essay
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