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Then look towards the end of the exam papers. How can I have good vocabulary? I hope that by putting it up on the site it will help a few more too!

Then you have a statement: So, what does an 8-mark response look like? This suggests there is still a lot of the mystery to be uncovered.

Q5 it is always easier to write a descriptive piece than a narrative, but you could include some kind of action in it if you wanted to for excitement. Keep a record of what work needs to be done.

Even so, a narrowing down is important. She keeps going until she could find no more of the bones, despite the size of the hole that she has dug. To what extent do you agree?

English Study Advice 2. Question 4 is the longest comprehension question and you should treat it with respect. The writer describes it as if the woman feels some kind of connection with the cry, as if it is calling to her, and the way that she speaks to it reveals a mysterious connection.

So, you know that Question 4 is less usual than Q2 or 3, but it follows a regular format, year upon year. The compulsion she feels to discover the bones seems supernatural: This video takes you through both the vital planning stage and shows you what the students actually wrote afterward.

Squatting then above the jagged hole, turning the skull in her fingers. Of course, she is also hot, but the word gives us a sense of her desperate desire to uncover more of the bones. Stay calm and remain confident before and during your exam and cases of writers block can be avoided. You need to use a range of select, embedded quotations.

There is also a commentary from world-famous exam marker Lavinia Shufflebottom OK, she is fictional but what she says is worth listening to! Narrowing down helps you pinpoint the useful, evaluate what is essential and assess the value and validity of your quotes.

What small, graceful fingers! Not every style of writing suits everyone and very few people can perfect them all. There may be some cross-over! You already know there is a little bit of a difference from Q1 and Q2, in which you absolutely must write from the lines mentioned.

Similarly to Question 2, what you want is to do two quick read-throughs. It makes the reader wonder who placed the bones there and why they were making a noise. You can come back to them at the end if you have tine. I finish off with a loose summary of my ideas and add a little bit — the notion of the supernatural.

Please can you go through Qs 2,3 and 4 please? In your response you could: The writer creates a sense of mystery by using the rhetorical questions about the skull and by giving up at the end.

And I may even narrow down once more if I felt I had too much for a minute essay. I know that Q1 is pretty much finding facts from the source. She paused, very excited; she heard a brief flurry of scratching, then silence.

More importantly, what you say should be absolutely rooted in the the text, and this approach helps you do that. Calculate the amount of time needed for each question and work from there.Are you wondering how to pass GCSE English ?

Then look towards the end of the exam papers. For example, question 5 of Paper 1 of the AQA GCSE is worth half the marks for that paper. Some students consider taking the GCSE English Language Exam a tall order, others love the idea of diving into the areas of reading, writing, speaking and comprehension.

GCSE English Language

GoConqr can help students develop skills in reading, writing, understanding vocabulary and perfecting grammar. What’s not to. It's common to think that it's impossible to revise for an English language exam.

After all, you can either read and write English or you can't. Well, that's not quite true.

Tips to help you with AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 Question 4

In this video Mr Salles shows us all the tricks you need to know. Feb 12,  · Sample essays for AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 Question 4 Posted on February 12, by Emma Lee Last time, I was having a look at a sample text for Question 4, the essay question on AQA’s GCSE English Language () Paper 1, exploring how to annotate and how to plan your response.

English Language Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Choose the exam specification that.

BEMUSED GCSE pupils turned over their English language papers today to be asked "what is a selfie" on the first question. Puzzled pupils said they had to "pinch themselves" and "thought they were dreaming" when they started the exam.

Gcse english language paper help
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