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Furthermore, it is important to make note of the fact that in Billy Budd, Sailor, men who tend to confront the law suffer conterminous repercussions with men who tend to come up front with: Melville is now considered one of the greatest American authors.

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Vere follows nature by doing what everyone would expect him to do which portrays an element of Romanticism. Throughout his life, Melville was poor and barely survived but he was rich with ideas and thoughts that led him to write great stories, poems, and novels such as Billy Budd.

Melville obviously concerns himself with the historical development of humankind and particularly with isolated episodes in which history devours a single expendable individual. In the end, Billy is an individual who dies because of the nature of society, of his uniqueness and defects, and his separation from civilization.

It also reflects his dissociation from religion, which had always been full of contradictions and uncertain-ties for him. A contemporary biographical sketch not only assigns the same general traits of character to Fairfax that Melville assigns to Vere, but particularizes a strikingly similar career during the American Revolution.

Billy knows the truth but cannot speak because he is so shocked that Claggart would blame him.

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Billy is accused by the master-of-arms as a person who is planning to commit mutiny. After junction with the fleet had been effected, the Indomitable was dispatched on scouting duty, not only because of her superior sailing qualities but because of the reputation as a prompt disciplinarian of her commander, Edward Fairfax Vere.

Vere rebels against pride and therefore condemns Billy, Claggart rebels against morals and therefore is unmoral as seen when he whips other sailors.

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The prose introduction, setting forth the career and old age of the fictitious sailor, seems but thinly disguised autobiography. Claggart is lying when he accuses Billy and Captain Vere knows it but he still asks for Billy to be brought in the room.

Melville was not a very good whaler and lived in rough conditions. The scene is laid in the momentous year ofmade memorable by the mutinies at Essays on billy budd and the Nore in April and May, which had come near crippling the British fleet at the very outset of the Napoleonic Wars.

Billy, hopelessly unsuited to exist in such a world, is its obvious victim. Unlike the shifting keel of the ship, Billy is unable to lean either way and so must break apart and sink to the bottom.

Claggart has an evil nature and is clearly jealous of Billy and therefore uses his authority to take an advantage. Herman grew up in a family who struggled to make enough money.

This book portrays the rebellion against authority, which is an element of Romanticism. Claggart abuses the crew on the ship and Captain Vere hangs Billy which is still uncivil. This is how Melville uses Romanticism in Billy Budd.

In the real world, evil exists-unmitigated, unexplained, unmotivated, and impossible to grasp. Billy rebels against the authority of Vere and Claggart when he does not speak and punches Claggart, killing him.

Attempting to secure a job, Melville failed and decided to go abroad. When asked to defend himself, Billy starts to stutter and cannot claim his innocence. Billy dies a martyr for the reason that he saves his shipmates from being abused and punished.

Melville habitually took his setting from one source and the substance of his narrative from another. Herman faced many difficulties in finding jobs during the Panic of and eventually ended up going on voyages abroad Baym For instance, in order to fulfil the law, Vere does a morally wrong thing, that is, condemning Billy who tends to be an innocence soul.

Billy gets furious and punches Claggart, killing him. A drumhead court was called forthwith. Billy is separate than his civilization because he is the only civil one. Perfectly proportioned, he opposes innovation and change, but remains at peace with the world.

Several facts in the record of these last years witness this nostalgia for his seafaring days.Billy Budd is a story about a young, handsome, and muscular sailor named Billy Budd. Billy is falsely accused of mutiny by the master-of-arms on the ship, John Claggart.

When asked to defend himself, Billy starts to stutter and cannot claim his innocence. Essays and criticism on Herman Melville's Billy Budd - Billy Budd, Herman Melville.

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In the last chapter, Melville reveals Billy's immortality. His fellow sailors, moved by a face that never sneered or revealed vileness of heart, raise Billy to the level of legend and saint.

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