Destroying avalon review cyber bullying

The detailed description of events and aspects of this novel allowed for a clear vision in my mind of what was really happening in this novel. From day one every chat line or blog page was filled with words of hate for Avalon. In the end Alice learns to overcome her problems and deal with the things that have gone wrong for her and finally get her life back on track.

Why were they doing this? Lemme just give you a heads-up for this book: The story is about life in the city and starting at a new school and the hardships of bullying and the bonds of friendship.

There is the theme of cyber bullying and the consequences of it because we can see this through Avalon getting bullied and the consequences of her being bullied. I would recommend this novel to teachers, parents, teenagers and also to people who work with teenagers so that everyone understand the consequences of bullying.

Read the book and you will understand. I liked it because it was very detailed meaning I could imagine it all in my head, it was interesting which meant I keep wanting to read more. The worst part is how it could be real. Marshall was no stranger to bullying as his journal revealed.

Avalon was a normal teenager, having normal friends and quite a peaceful life but that changed when her mum got a job in the metropolitan area and she moved.

Kate McCaffrey’s novel “Destroying Avalon” Essay Sample

These different home lives all have different effects on children, some good and some bad. The effect of dysfunctional families on children is a very important issue that must not be over looked but, as you can see in Destroying Avalon, is hard to control when children spend much of their time at home behind locked doors.

She could have at least showed her dad who was next to her in the car when she got the message but instead again she kept quiet. At least tell her parents and teachers. Kate McCaffrey has been successful in capturing the emotion caused by bullying through her novel Destroying Avalon; this focus on a more modern phenomenon of cyber bullying formed through the eyes of a young, teenage girl.

The main characters had problems throughout the whole story of either being bullied or being bullies. Some of the parts of the novel made me cry, because it was such a sad and emotional story. I loved the book Destroying Avalon and would rate it five out of five.

Also the last point why I think it is her fault is because of her denial ways. I partly agree that it is her own fault for being cyber bullied because she could have stopped it the first day they started bullying her.

It kept me turning pages because I was always wanting to know what would happen next and what would happen at the end of the book and if the bully would confess.Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey YEAR 9 - 10 Background The last school I worked in was a technology school, and it was at this school that I saw the beginnings of cyber bullying.

Kids were using email and internet accounts to sledge other kids cyber bullying, for the ‘always on’ generation is a 24/7 deal. Destroying Avalon Kindle Edition The story follows the cyber-bullying of Avalon and her friends. I cannot write too much without giving away spoilers, other than it is a beautifully told, though tragic, story of a young girl trying to survive in high school.

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From The Community. Amazon Try Prime All. Go Search The story follows the cyber-bullying of Avalon and her friends. I cannot write too much without giving away spoilers, other.

Destroying Avalon Essay Sample

Kate McCaffrey’s novel, Destroying Avalon is the terrible and touching tale of a teenage girl, pushed from her comfortable life in the country, into the malicious circle of bullying, stereotyping and hidden secrets that make up her new school in the city.

The novel Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey is about a year-old girl called Avalon whose life is turned upside down when she moves to the city from Sorrento. Starting at a new high school, she finds herself at the center of a brutal cyber-bullying campaign.

Destroying Avalon Review - Cyber Bullying Focus

She is inundated with vile text messages, and subject to increasingly. As I mentioned in my review for Saving Jazz, I have experienced bullying – both physical and cyber, so I know what Avalon and Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey is a realistic fiction novel that appeals to young adult readers/5.

Destroying avalon review cyber bullying
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