Contrasting the declaration of independance and civil disobedience essay

In a democracy, the power tools are simply the legal channels. This encouragement, however, was a direct violation of the Universal Military Training and Service act. Declaration of Independence, signed inwas pretty much just what it says it was.

Perhaps the easiest argument made against the Declaration would be that it, simply put, broke a law. The Declaration of Independence was officially promulgated on 26 January At the time, Gandhi described this as the basic demand of all Indians; he specifically said that the question of whether India would remain within the Empire or leave it completely would be answered by the behaviour and response of the British.

Description that includes economic suppression, beating, lynching, and a routine that includes a constant fear that making a mistake might cost a life. Gandhi asked Irwin if the conference would proceed on the basis of dominion status and Irwin said he could not assure that, resulting in the end of the meeting.

It is clear that the Declaration violated laws. The debate can become overshadowed by the violence Often the media focuses not on the civil disobedience but on the violence or lawlessness which accompanies such acts.

A common practice is for each family to be assigned a specific deacon, to be the primary point of contact whenever a need arises. A pledge of independence was read out, which included a readiness to withhold taxes.

There is a gab in this chase, and that sometimes results in it being morally correct to break the law. It can have no pure right over my person and property but what I conceded to it.

In contrast, the Pope is the Head of the Catholic Church; he is elected by the cardinals and remains Pope for life. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

His non-violent method was anything but passive. Here we will define natural law, as it pertains to human action, as did C. We have focused here on the stand he took in Birmingham Alabama, in If civil disobedience becomes an accepted form of lobbying for a law change, does the law not become useless?

Taking this into consideration, it is arguable that the Declaration of Conscience was not civil disobedience, but lawbreaking. This is why it makes sense to say that voting makes governments "accountable to the people", whereas civil disobedience in a democratic society is often anti-democratic.

Hall and Mark David Hall. Sometimes the law is wrong. There exists, however, no nonviolent or violent intent in lawbreaking. The law is not a basket from which we get to pick the ones we like and ignore all the rest; that way leads to anarchy. King participated in many protests in his life.

Although they opposed their government, those who signed the Declaration still had faith and respect for their country, believing strongly that unjust laws could be changed. His popular speech goes like this: Civil disobedience can quickly turn into outright confrontation and even violence.

To that extent, they reflect the force of natural law thinking in lighting the path to civil rights. Ahhh, I see you have Ms.

An Analysis of Letter from a Birmingham Jail Essay

Martin Luther King, Jr. Because of this, those who supported the war did not find that the Declaration of Conscience was an act of civil disobedience.

Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King With Henry David Thoreau

Hall and Mark David Hall, Indianapolis: In doing so, we analyze the differences between civil disobedience and lawbreaking, preparing ourselves perhaps for a day when we are called upon in an age of social controversy to make the decision for ourselves. King claimed it was an excuse for Birmingham officials to keep the demonstrators from exercising their right to peaceful protest.

The spotlight shined brightly on this march.

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But regardless, the law does try to reflect what society thinks is morally correct, and sometimes things change overtime.The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson famously wrote, was “intended to be an expression of the American mind.” Although not intended as such, it was also an expression of the.

The Importance And Significance Of Civil Disobedience History Essay. Print Reference The word civil disobedience was first coined by David Henry Thoreau in his essay 'Civil Disobedience' inand has since been used to term any such activities ( the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence.

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The Declaration of Independence "Letter From A Birmingham Jail", By Martin Luther King And Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience." words - 4 pages "Letter From a Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King, Jr.

and Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" both display their authors' views on justice in their respective periods. Civil disobedience comes in many forms. Depending on the circumstance, the definition of the term can vary on its particular relevancy.

Contrasting the declaration of independance and civil disobedience essay
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