Case study selling neiman marcus

IT resources were busy maintaining the environment and on-boarding new trading partners as they became approved vendors. InterTrade will be instrumental in providing vendors with alternatives to connect through EDI. Low compliance combined with an inflexible catalogue offering by the previous vendor resulted in an EDI program that was not delivering the automation efficiencies that Neiman Marcus executives had counted on to reduce operating costs.


InterTrade will also deploy its catalogue tool to manage the product data information required by the various Neiman Marcus Group divisions to appropriately initiate their automated supply chain process. The firm was seeking a partner to eliminate some of the pain associated with its internally managed EDI program as well as an alternative data synchronization tool to address specific business process requirements.

In the summer of InterTrade and Neiman Marcus also launched a campaign to transfer all vendors to the InterTrade catalogue.

By trusting its EDI initiative to InterTrade, Neiman Marcus will leverage its initial investment in the catalogue and reap even more benefits as more vendors reach EDI program compliance.

More things to come As the luxury retail segment grows, Neiman Marcus keeps expanding its business and needs to pursue further automation and reduce its overall cost structure.

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InNeiman Marcus decided to mandate the use of the electronic catalogue by all of their existing and new vendors. Neiman Marcus Situation For over a century Neiman Marcus has been a leader in the luxury retail business, providing its affluent clientele with apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty products and decorative wares for the home.

Moreover, data synchronization was not providing the expected benefits. InterTrade makes the process more efficient by taking over all aspects surrounding the exchange of documents. This was taking a lot of effort and mobilizing IT resources away from priority projects on core business initiatives.

Moreover, the fact that the product catalogue is now with the same provider makes the whole experience more cost effective and certainly simpler from an overall IT strategy perspective. Benefits From a resource allocation perspective, Neiman Marcus has generated significant savings by trusting InterTrade with the coordination of its EDI business.

Candidates also had to be able to manage the on-boarding campaign associated with exchanging EDI documents, as well as the uploading of the product catalogue. Since the initial project, InterTrade has been connecting new Neiman Marcus vendors in a seamless way to reduce to a minimum the strain on internal resources.

With over five dozen stores under various banners and close to 6. Solution Components Neiman Marcus turned to InterTrade, at the time a relatively new player in the world of product data synchronization, to take over not only its vendor catalogue but also its entire EDI environment.

Vendors were allowed multiple ways of entering data on the catalogue, which facilitated the on-boarding process. Internal resources can now focus on business process, which speeds up the logistics around sourcing with EDI-capable vendors.

In fact, most vendors using the InterTrade catalogue love the features, the ease of use and the pricing scales, which allow all types of vendors, small to large, to post their Neiman Marcus product information at a fraction of what other similar services charge.Neiman Marcus adopts an on-demand visibility solution to expedite imports throughout the global supply chain.

Business Challenges The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., a leading national retailer, includes Neiman Marcus Stores, Bergdorf Goodman and the direct marketing segment, Neiman Marcus Direct.

Neiman Marcus Situation. For over a century Neiman Marcus has been a leader in the luxury retail business, providing its affluent clientele with apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty products and decorative wares for the home. Shop cell phone case at Neiman Marcus, where you will find free shipping on the latest in fashion from top designers.

The Neiman deal may be exceptional in many ways, but it nonetheless provides an interesting case study in managing complex auction dynamics in a seller’s market. * The Making of a Deal For the Smith family, Neiman Marcus represented a large portion of their dynastic wealth.

EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Case Study: Selling Neiman Marcus. Case Study: Selling Neiman Marcus Bryce Klempner, Dharini Mathur, Lerato Molefe, Jen Reynolds, Tony Uccellinit On May 2,the Neiman Marcus Group (Neiman) an- nounced that it had accepted an acquisition proposal by a corporate vehicle controlled jointly by two large private equity firms, Texas Pa- cific Group and Warburg Pincus .

Case study selling neiman marcus
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