Black history month writing activities for elementary students

Why did people support slavery? We then go to the computer lab and I have the students use Print Shop to create a certificate to honor the person.

Integrating Black History Month Lesson Plans into Our Homeschool

Visit the sculpture and then have your middle schooler write an expository essay about his or her life. Then find out when your local area will be hosting a jazz band or concert and be sure to be in attendance!

Explore the history of jazz music and how African Americans transformed the music world with it. Impossible to appreciate it as a poem. Each student chooses one person and does a mini research on the person.

With these 53 new journal topics, during Black History Month students will consider the achievements of notable African Americans as well as the ramifications of racism in America. Students are old enough to be able to handle more of the history that might not be appropriate for early elementary ages.

53 Black History Month Writing Ideas

Why did it take the civil rights act so long to be passed? Why do people encourage diversity in schools and workplaces? My personal favorite stops were at the National Jazz Museum and getting to see the Apollo Theater in real life!

How could we eliminate racism in the world? As your students enjoy writing about these Black History Month journal topics, they will gain a further understanding of what the month is all about. The idea is based on the trading card-craze of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and athletic cards so popular with students and adults alike.

Is it important for schools to be racially diverse? Here is a poem wrote for African Americans to go back to Africa like Jewish did. Is there still racism in America? I then give them a guide as to what belongs on the certificate. I have found some resources to use with my 5th graders.

We cover the boxes with either brown or black paper. Most local communities have at least one sculpture dedicated to a national, regional, or local black history maker. And today here I am now Watching tears running down cheeks Never been there when you went through pains.

It all started with a momentous trip to New York City that we took when my boys were both in the middle school grades of our homeschool journey. Questioning these important historical events will help students to appreciate the significance of African American roles in US history. Your creativity can help other teachers.

Black History Month is celebrated in Canada and the U. Each student gets a chance to present their award to the class.

Getting students to journal about these important topics is a great way to get them thinking critically about tough subjects and to help them examine their own beliefs. John Marshall Carter - Conyers, Georgia.

Is civil disobedience disobeying an unjust law ever acceptable? It is a month for remembrance and education about important historical events and people of African diaspora. Abraham Lincoln was a revolutionary president because… If I could ask Rosa Parks one question, I would want to know… Why is it important to have an entire month dedicated to remembering black history?

Some of the journal topics will push them to imagine life as a slave, while others will ask them to consider the outcomes of the Civil Rights movement. In this lesson, students can choose what grade they wish to make based on how many cards they create. I am bleeding dry in my native land I can still perceive the echo of your cry coming from the forest and that troubles my mind.

The idea is to find other people to celebrate; I usually use one of these folks as a model for the students to follow.

Since we live somewhat rurally, the whole of the trip was an eye-opener, but our walking tour around Harlem was incredibly educational. The middle of the body, which I refer to as the stomach, is where children write important facts about the person on the middle of the box.

The civil rights movement changed the world because… George Washington Carver is an important figure in history because… The bonds between slaves and some sympathetic plantation hands was… If you lived during the civil war, which side would you have supported?

The edition changes the way poems are presented. Also, Scholastic has a unit and essay contest about Jackie Robinson for middle school and freshmen that I recommend too.Students will create a quilt that tells a story. This is a great arts & crafts activity that also ties in creative writing and black history!

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The significant contributions of African-Americans in the fields of science, politics, literature, the law, the arts, and more are seemingly endless. We celebrate those contributions with our Black History Month pages. In addition to coloring sheets and challenging puzzles, students will find.

Black History Month Activities for Middle School Students I find that middle school is one of the best periods for integrating learning activities about black history into the curriculum.

Students are old enough to be able to handle more of the history that might not be appropriate for early elementary ages. Follow the history of individuals who changed the world with this collection of teaching resources for Black History Month.

Books and Authors Top Teaching Blog Teacher's Tool Kit Student Activities The Teacher Store Book Clubs and Frederick Douglass (born in February ).

Over the years, more Americans, black and white, joined the. Teacher Tools – Lessons, Activities and Information for Teaching Black History. Elementary Lessons & Activities. Several educational activity ideas for students to celebrate Black History Month.

African American History Lesson Plans.

Black history month writing activities for elementary students
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