An analysis of the story of continuous effect in the story of ethan frome

Over the years Zeena becomes adept at using her illnesses to control everyone and everything in her environment. Ethan fears that she knows his innermost thoughts.

Ethan Frome Critical Essays

Ethan and Mattie are taken to the Frome farmhouse when they are physically able and are cared for by Zeena. Mattie reacts with shock but rapid acceptance, trying to calm Ethan, while Ethan becomes more agitated and begins to insist that he will not let her go.

Her thoughts about the smash-up are not revealed. Ethan wanted to move away from Starkfield, but Zeena did not want to live in a city where she would have no identity.

Wharton learned of the accident from one of the girls who survived, Kate Spencer, when the two became friends while both worked at the Lenox Library. Ethan standing out in the snow while the dance goes on inside shows his isolation from society. Active Themes Recently, however, Zeena pointed out to Ethan how inefficiently Mattie does the housework.

Nevertheless, Ethan mistakenly continues to regard him as a possible source of a loan. Hale as more refined and educated than most of her neighbors.

Yet it is not a deterministic work. Hale extends an unexpected degree of warmth to Ethan after encountering him by chance one winter afternoon.

Zeena continues to find fault and complain; however she is finally drawn out of her hypochondriac self-indulgence by the need to care for others. The next morning, Zeena describes her specific and imminent plans for sending Mattie on her way.

Zeena, in her dictatorial manipulations, decides to send Mattie away. As a result, Ethan, who has secretly fallen in love with Mattie, completes many of her chores. There, she informs Ethan that she plans to send Mattie away and has already hired another girl to replace her, claiming that she needs someone more efficient because her health is failing more rapidly than ever.

In the morning, Ethan again goes to visit Mr. She began writing Ethan Frome in the early s when she was still married.

The first version of Ethan Frome was in French, which Wharton abandoned and then rewrote in English during a period of personal turmoil.

Ethan Frome

The narrator steps over the threshold and finds not what he expects—a querulous Zeena and a crippled, even innocently maimed Mattie—but instead the reverse of their roles: She is able to bring Mattie into the house to release herself from household duties, and when she begins to see Mattie as a rival, she forces Ethan to agree to pay for a hired girl to replace her.

Her work is more properly termed tragic irony because, although Ethan decides not to abandon and humiliate Zeena by running away with Mattie, he weakens and decides with her tacit consent to commit mutual suicide. The most terrible irony is the failed suicide pact.

As far as she is concerned, we know that she cannot work, or only very little, so she cannot be of any use to Ethan as regards work in the house and around the farm.

It is among the few works by Wharton with a rural setting. Ethan is attracted to Mattie partly because she listens respectfully to what he tells her and admires his learning. The narration switches from the first-person narrator of the prologue to a limited third-person narrator.

Her illness is the reason why Mattie must go and a hired housekeeper must come to take her place. Ethan is also injured, and the reader is left to understand that this was the "smash-up" that left Ethan with a permanent limp.

Ethan Frome: Theme Analysis

Although Mattie is grateful to have a roof over her head and work as an aide to her cousin, she is, however, quite forgetful and often spends time dreaming rather than working.

Ethan regains consciousness after the accident but Mattie lies beside him, "cheeping" in pain like a small wounded animal. She is seen as a "mysterious alien presence" and an "evil energy. Harmon Gow says Ethan Frome has been in Starkfield "too many winters.

Active Themes Mattie lives with the Fromes because her own parents lost their money and died a year earlier. The prologue, which is neither named as such nor numbered, opens with an unnamed male narrator spending a winter in Starkfield while in the area on business.

The landscape is described as rocky, barren, grim-looking, sullen and cheerless. The red scarf sets Mattie apart from the crowd, and is the first of several images that associate her with warmth and light.

Young Ethan Frome walks through the deep snow to the church where a dance is being held. When The Narrator stays overnight at the Frome farm, over twenty years after the smash-up, he is surprised to find that Mattie — crippled by the accident — complains incessantly.

This problem concerns everybody; each one is sort of a prisoner of the lack of money:Mystery men Ethan Frome includes a "frame narrative" or, a story within a story, so we have two initial situations.

In the Prologue the narrator introduces us to the figure that has captured Booker's Seven Basic Plots Analysis. Ethan Frome is unique among Edith Wharton’s works in that it tells the tale of an isolated drama, far from the urban and societal concerns of. Sep 18,  · 1.

Ethan Frome Analysis

What does the presence of the unnamed “narrator” in the story’s introduction and conclusion contribute to the effect of the novel? 2. Discuss the novel’s portrayal of Zeena. Does her harshness seem realistic?

3. Examine the significance of the gravestone of Ethan Frome and Endurance his. The story of Ethan Frome had initially begun as a French-language composition that Wharton had to write while studying the language in Paris, but several years later she took the story up again and transformed it into the novel it now is, basing her sense of New England culture and place on her 10 years of living at The Mount, her home in Lenox.

Zeena's character is revealed through Ethan's memory and the action of the main story, and through hints from characters in the frame story. Wharton describes Z. Ethan Frome: Theme Analysis, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

An analysis of the story of continuous effect in the story of ethan frome
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