A brief introduction about the growth of the usa as a superpower essay

Bush declared war on Iraq, it was without the support of the United Nations. This proved to the world that the United States was a Superpower they should fear.

The Unites States was the leader in planning, building, testing and actually using the most powerful nuclear weapon known to man. Do you know who where the President before the election? It seems the Govt has stopped all efforts to control the population explosion. Nuclear power, for the purposes of electricity as well as weaponry, was going to be the determining factor as to who would be the greater Superpower.

To correct for this, some steps were taken to increase the power output. Their economy was not only poor, but also continually declining.

The United States also had good leaders whom kept the economy strong, and kept the people in order. They can do this because they are the only superpower in the world. Unlike other European nations whose unity is based on a common languages and largely a common faith.

So why did the US invade Iraq? The Soviet Union was not doing as well. Bush launched a big attack on Iraq. Because of this and the fact that many big American companies depends on the oil from the restless areas in the Middle-East maybe that is why the government wants control over the territories?

Unemployed youth is likely to translate his frustration into criminal and illegal activates. One of the main reasons for this may be that a lot of the big investors in the US are Jews and if the government starts to support the Palestinians they might sell their obligations and a big part of the American population is Jewish.

The USA as an international superpower

Today India is recognized as an emerging powerhouse by the world community. Today the US has all of these characteristics. With multiple of democracy in India was always in doubt. Many Islamite extremists felt this as an encroachment to their freedom. India, a home of several religions and several hundred spoken languages is a garland of multitude of diverse communities woven together in a common thread of democracy.

These three factors are the reasons behind the United States dropping the atomic bomb on Japan, as they unknowingly and unintentionally began the nuclear age and the Cold War.

India has become third largest economy in Asia to keep its high rate of growth. With two superpowers the risk of a world war is higher, because they will most likely have different views on different topics.

Was it wrong to invade Iraq without the UN? We can see from this table found at: India Becoming a Superpower A potential superpower is a state or a political and economic entity that is speculated to beor to be in the process of becoming, a superpower at some point in the 21st century.

The United States and the Soviet Union came out of the previous war nearly equal in strength, with the United States having the upper hand, being the first to create and use such intense nuclear power.

One can look at this as the start of the terrorism in the Middle-East. This country also led the world in relatively safe production of nuclear power. Economic reforms may have given a boost to industrial productivity, but the boom has not crated enough jobs.Essay: The Rise of the USA as a Superpower The development and use of nuclear power has led to the United States assuming a position as the true World Military Superpower.

The Unites States was the leader in planning, building, testing and actually using the most powerful nuclear weapon known to man. The Decline Of America As A Superpower Politics Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The theories and arguments presented in this paper will represent the varying views of United States as a superpower. With the rise of China and India and the world which is seems to be shifting toward a more multipolar distribution of power it. Yes, the United States is still a superpower under that definition.

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Essay: The Rise of the USA as a Superpower

The first section gives a brief introduction about Chinese-American, including its history and construction. Then the passage unpacks their living conditions, such as careers, consumption and repercussions to America with specific examples.

Superpower Essay Examples. 5 total results. The Shift of the USA as a Reluctant World Power in to a Superpower Today An Analysis of the Rise of the United States of America as a Superpower.


2 pages. An Overview of the Status of the United States as the World's Only Superpower. words. 1 page. A Look at the .

A brief introduction about the growth of the usa as a superpower essay
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