10 fat turkeys writing activities

The teacher will observe students during guided practice as well as during the center activity to determine if they have reached the learning goal. If turkeys are leaving, will the number of turkeys left on the fence be smaller or bigger?

I have found so many great books and activities through the fab teachers that share each week. The students will meet together and discuss what happened when the turkeys left the fence the amount of turkeys became smaller. The teacher will read the story 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston.

I created some activities to go along with this story and because I am oh so thankful for you all, I am offering the packet for free! During the reading, the teacher will have students discuss what is happening when each turkey leaves are there more turkeys on the fence or less turkeys on the fence, how many turkeys go away each time?

Individual and small group assistance will be given to students with special needs and to those needing extra help. The students will manipulate the turkeys to solve subtraction problems where 1 is being taken away.

Gobble Gobble Wibble Wobble Last but not least, a counting worksheet. The students will start with all 10 turkeys in the box at the top and the teacher will guide the students in retelling the story, stopping each time to write the equation when a turkey left the fence.

The students who are not representing the turkeys will be given dry erase boards and markers to record equations. The students will produce equations when they solve subtraction problems. Students will need to have an understanding of numbers Wow does the weekend fly or what?!

I hope this book and activity can be useful to you as we get closer to Thanksgiving. It gives a great opportunity to talk about numbers and practice number skills. The book goes up to 10 I love creating these little books in therapy.

Can the student communicate their mathematical thinking through explanation? Each student will be given a large turkey cut-out to hold. If you would like a free copy of this pattern, click on the picture below. It is a basic turkey pattern that can be used for many other skills.

This will continue until the story has been completely retold and there are no more turkeys on the fence. I am sending these home as homework along with some articulation words on my Thankful for Speech Homework coloring pages!10 Fat Turkeys – Practice with Subtraction From Ten.

10 Fat Turkeys! {FREEBIE!}

Resource ID#: Primary Type: Lesson Plan. Submit Feedback / Report Problems In this lesson, students will work with subtraction within 10 by taking 1 away from a number.

Subject(s): Mathematics. This activity pack is a perfect companion for the story, 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston. This packet is not affiliated with the book and does not contain the story.

This packet includes 10 turkeys to print, cut, and laminate.

10 Fat Turkeys!

Use them as visuals while you read the story. This activity pack is a perfect companion for the story, 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston.

This packet is not affiliated with the book and does not. Find this Pin and more on 10 fat turkeys by Hahn Family. Nov 18,  · Start out with 10 and take one away as the story goes on. Have your kiddos practice counting the turkeys! I also included an emergent reader/activity book to practice counting.

This activity packet was designed to go with the book 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston. The activity packet includes turkey visuals to use with the story and an emergent reader/ counting coloring book for the kids to create! Nov 10,  · Since it is November, my pick is 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston.

10 Fat Turkeys – Practice with Subtraction From Ten

This rhyming book follows 10 funny turkeys as they, one by one, fall off the fence where they are perched. This text has a nice rhythm and a fun repetition that students mi-centre.com: School Is a Happy Place.

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10 fat turkeys writing activities
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